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the bugcast 022

  1. Intro/Outro
    Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips
    Friend of the Show

  2. Song 1
    Son of Dave – Old Times Were Good Times
  3. Schpeel 1
    Show intros
    Submit your own intro for Episodes 023 onwards – see Contact info below

    Amy & Cara’s dedication

  4. Song 2
    Lisa Redford – Come Back Down
  5. Schpeel 2
    Microsoft backs open source work

    Debate: Does it matter to you that only one organisation can fix bugs in Microsoft Windows, compared to potentially thousands of individuals in Linux?

    Do you have a question that you want to ask about the show?

    Bugcast Live – a recap?

  6. Song 3
    The Beggar’s Lake – The Confessions
  7. Contact
    Phone: 020 8099 1550 or SIP: 1-747-296-9201

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