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How to listen

by subscription

My suggested and recommended way of listening to this podcast – and any other podcast that you want to listen to on a regular basis – is to subscribe to the podcast feed. This will usually involve the use of a podcatcher, such as iTunes, Juice, WinAMP, gPodder, BeyondPod, etc. In order to use these, you’ll need to refer to the help section of one of these applications.

To subscribe to The Bugcast, simply click on one of the following links, or copy and paste the RSS Feed URL into your chosen podcatcher.


Feed RSS Feed Service Links
Everything (MP3)
Everything (Ogg Vorbis)
Everything (Opus)
The Bugcast only (MP3)
The Bugcast Extra only (MP3)

from the website

If subscription is not an option, you can always listen from the website itself. The main show page shows the most recently published episodes. You can use the player at the top of the show notes to listen to any show.

to the live broadcast

Most episodes of The Bugcast are broadcast live on Fridays at 21:30 UK time (what time is that in my timezone?).

World Clock

You can join in by visiting The Bugcast Chatroom by clicking on the Live link above, or you can go straight to IRC on the Freenode network, and /join #thebugcast and interact with the others who are listening live!