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Submit Music

Before sending us anything, please ensure that you have the legal right to submit a file to us, and that we have the legal right and permission to be able to play the music. Additionally, if there is no information provided so that we know who you are, either through the MP3 file itself or by any other information provided by you, it is likely that we won’t even listen to your music. If you want us to listen, make sure we know who you are.

Please also read our Terms and Agreements.

Our file drop

You can upload tracks directly to us through our File Drop. This allows us to access your file as soon as you send it to us.
Please also drop in a text file containing the details of your track, information about you as an artist/band, a website or social media account so that we can give attribution, and an email address so that we can contact you.

Drop your files here.

By email

You can send us tracks by email if you wish, either by attaching files (max 10MB at a time), or by sending us links to a location where we can download the track ourselves.

Our email address is on our Contact Us page.