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Terms and Agreements

Since internet law is ambiguous, in large part due to the web’s international nature, we at The Bugcast feel that it is very important to define our stance when it comes to intellectual property and its use in on-line media. We’ve given this matter much consideration and have composed the following terms, which we feel are fair to everyone involved. We hope that you feel that way, too.

These terms may change or be otherwise modified. All submissions will fall under the terms effective at the time of being received. An announcement post will be made if/when there is a policy change.

Agreement is straightforward, based on the Creative Commons framework, and outlined here in our Terms of Use.

If you send a submission, you effectively consent to the terms detailed below. If you don’t agree with the Terms of Use, don’t send anything


For the purpose of the Terms of Use:

  • “The Work” refers to the media being submitted us for our consideration, typically a digital music file
  • “The Artist” refers to the author, owner or copyright holder of The Work
  • “The Submitter” or “You” refers to the person submitting The Work to us. The Submitter could be The Artist of The Work, or someone acting on behalf of The Artist.
  • “Podcast” refers to a specific type of broadcast, where The Work is incorporated into a file (which may contain one or more artists and/or other material) which may be played on a portable media device by individuals who have downloaded the file. Podcasts may also be streamed or incorporated into a collective stream or feed for delivery purposes. In these cases, the completed file, or episode, will not be altered.
  • “The Host” refers to The Bugcast (this Podcast), and any subsidiary Projects, including any current member Podcast of the Other Side Podcast Network.

The Submitter

The Submitter recognises and agrees to the following Terms:

  • You are granting The Host permission to use The Work in its shows, make available for download via its websites, stream via its online radio broadcasts, or anything else allowed within the scope of our license agreement.
  • The Work will not be returned. The Artist retains all rights to The Work, which will not be used by The Host in any manner if The Artist isn’t featured on any of the shows. Audio and video files may be made and used by The Host but, only with the consent of The Artist. The Host owns the right to the media produced.

    As such, the shows can be distributed as deemed fit, whether via downloads, streaming media or some other technological wonder that has yet to be invented. Audio files may not be used outside of this context without the expressed consent of The Artist.

  • No royalties or fees will be paid to The Artist (or collection company on their behalf – PRS, BMI, ASCAP etc) by The Host for the use of their content in the context of the already defined terms, neither in the present nor retroactively. This is a quid pro quo arrangement: free music in exchange for free publicity.
  • The Artist has no creative control over the podcast. Once content is podcasted or otherwise archived, removal of said content is solely at the discretion of The Host. We will, however, negotiate in good faith ‘cos that’s the kind of guys we are.

The Host

The Host recognises and agrees to the following terms:

  • The Host will respect all request from The Artist to terminate the Agreement, except if it applies to previously broadcast or released episodes. If asked to not use submitted material in future episodes, we won’t.
  • The Host will respect the artistic integrity of the submissions. Content will not be altered apart from editorial purposes, such as using unmodified sections of a bio, or adjusting the size of an image file. Audio files will not be mashed-up, remixed, sliced, diced, distributed outside the context of the shows, except as outlined above and in our Agreement, or otherwise tampered with, unless given express permission by The Artist.
  • The Host will respect the intellectual property rights of The Artist.
  • The Host will respect ways listeners buy your music through the site; any links to the tracks are through to The Artist‘s website or other recognised web presence – making you the money not us.

If you require further clarification regarding any of these terms, please don’t hesitate to ask!

In essence, we love music, and if you want to give it to us to play on the shows, thats great. We’re promoting your wares to people who might not have heard you before, especially on the other side of the world. We will not ruin your tunes, it’s your music.

Short summary

What we’re trying to do here is ascertain a mutual agreement between entities which essentially states that we won’t screw each other over.

last updated 8 June 2019