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the bugcast 054

  • Music

    Songs played
    Giles – Freedom (source)
    Shawn Farley – Squandered All My Time (source)
    The Idolins – Worlds Apart (source)
    Odd Austin – Taco Bell (source)
    Polaradio – Doxology (source)

    Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips
    Friend of the Show

    Music sources
    Podsafe Music Network (all songs)

  • Topics

    Update on my car in the shop
    MIUK – my contribution went live this week
    AMPed – my contribution goes live next Monday
    BBC News | Man follows sat nav to cliff edge
    Homemade lager
    Mark Marshall Competition – The winners are announced!
    Mark Markshall’s Four For 4 Project is launched on Wednesday 1 April

  • Podcasts Promoted

    AMPed – I’m the host of show 172, due for release on Monday 30 March
    Made In The UK – recording another segment this weekend
    The Random Three (Feed) – Mark

  • Next week

    There is no live show next week, but episode 055 will be released as a podcast around Friday 3 April 2009
    The next live show will be episode 056 on Friday 10 April 2009.

  • Special thanks

    Thanks to the artists for allowing me to play their music
    Thanks to the Dumbed Down Life podcast for the use of their Shoutcast server and chatroom
    Thanks to everyone who came into the chatroom for the live broadcast, your support is much appreciated


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