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the bugcast extra – napodpomo – November 04

The fourth of my NaPodPoMo series – I really struggled with the flow on this one, I’m really tired but it made me sound drunk, and I messed up the music! Great(!)

Music played

Main track: K S Bhamrah – Ah Bhangra
Soundbed: Derek K Miller – Cold Cloth and an Ice Pack
Intro/Outro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips


Why did I start podcasting?
Feedback – thanks to James, Jonathan and Jen… lots of ‘J’s!

Podcast Promotion

Inside My Head



  1. Reaction just in from the news travelling around the internet that Caroline is watching the Apprentice instead of doing her project, while Dave clocks in his latest NaPodPoMo on time :

  2. Thanks for the “shout-out” for the Inside My Head podcast, and the promotion of my show! I appreciate it. 🙂
    I have fallen way behind on listening to podcasts, but I will get there, eventually.

    I like the idea of doing a combined show together, but I’ve no idea how to do that. If you are still interested in trying to figure out something like that, or in being a guest on Inside My Head this NaPodPoMo season, let me know! We can give it a try.

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