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the bugcast 144 – Potty mouth

Trololo, weeds, potty mouths and great music!

Songs played

Pilgrim Speakeasy – Passport (direct from the artist) (Finland)
Kendra Springer – With You (Jamendo) (Rockport, US)
Pornophonique – Sad Robot (Jamendo) (Darmstadt, Germany)
Insane Ian (The FuMP) – Harry Potter (Mevio’s Music Alley) (New Jersey, US)
Ernesto Schnack – The Single Purpose Room (direct from the artist) (Berlin, Germany)
Leaving Richmond – Tiny Things (Mevio’s Music Alley) (California)
Diablo Swing Orchestra – Heroines (Jamendo) (Stockholm, Sweden)

Intro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips [Friend of the Show]
Outro: Mark Marshall – Man Walking [Friend of the Show]


Trololo vs I Am A Weed – which is more annoying?
Cara update
Potty mouth parents
Why don’t you tell us which artists, bands or podcasters you want us to feature in a future show?

Websites Mentioned

Association of Music Podcasting
Liberated Syndication

Next week

The next show will be episode 145, broadcasting live on Friday 28 January 2011.

Special thanks

Thanks to the guys from the Dumbed Down Life for the use of their Shoutcast server
Thanks to the guys from the Ubuntu UK Podcast for stepping in with a backup Icecast server
Thanks to the artists for allowing us to play their music.
Thanks to everyone who joined us in the chat room for the live broadcast of this show.


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  1. Thanks a million for playing my track guys, great show!

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