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We are falling, we are falling!

For some reason, our download figures have taken a real nosedive, we’re down by at least 30% on previous weeks. Oddly enough, it started to happen around the time that we had problems with the iTunes feed a couple of weeks ago. I’ve checked the feeds and everything seems ok from what I can see.
Please, if anyone is having difficult with our feeds, please do tell us.


  1. Not seeing any feed issues from this side of the monitor. Didn’t you change hosts recently? We switched servers recently and lost 150 iTunes listeners as a result. I can’t help thinking that some people who unsubscribe continue to show as subscribers, until a feed redirect clears them out. What do you reckon?

    1. Hi Bren, thanks for the feedback. I don’t think it’s to do with the change in hosts, as the change should have been totally transparent to the end user. Besides which, a 10% loss of listeners would show up a lot harder on your numbers than it would on ours :o)

      The numbers I quoted in the post were based solely on download requests from the site, as we don’t utilise any other form of stats system. I probably should analyse our downloads and identify which downloads come from subscribers and how many are direct downloads, and use that as one of our yardsticks, but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

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