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the bugcast 096 – Cast out those bugs

Songs played

Chambers of Echoes – Scar Tissue (Ariel Publicity) (California)
Debbie Cunningham – What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life (Ariel Publicity) (Tennesee)
Dan Lynch – The Elephant In The Room ( (Liverpool)
Steve Goodie (The FuMP) – Tweeting On A Jet Plane (Mevio’s Music Alley) (New Jersey)
Shayna Zaid & The Catch – Closer (Ariel Publicity) (New York)
Little Invisibles – What Once Was (Mevio’s Music Alley) (New York)

Intro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips [Friend of the Show]
Outro: Mark Marshall – Man Walking [Friend of the Show]
Soundbed: Secret Archives of the Vatican – Machine Against The Raj (Broken Drum Records) (Croydon, UK)


Caroline took this week off due to ill health
As a result, the show is somewhat shorter than usual
Dan Lynch | Rat Hole Radio | Linux Outlaws
OggCamp 10 – The Black-E in Liverpool on the 1st and 2nd of May 2010
Episode 100 and the 2 year anniversary of The Bugcast.
Want to send in a text or audio message to be played out on the show?
Record first week downloads for episode 95 of 59 downloads!!! Is there any stopping us? :o)

Next week

The next show will be episode 097, broadcasting live on Friday 19 February 2010, in The Bugcast Chatroom.

Special thanks

Thanks to the guys from the Dumbed Down Life for the use of their Shoutcast server
Thanks to the artists for allowing us to play their music.
Thanks to everyone who joined us in the chat room for the live broadcast.
Special thanks to Caroline, my lovely co-host, for her help in putting the show together.


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