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We need your help for the Podcast Awards 2015


Please nominate us in the Podcast Awards

It’s incredibly quick and easy to do!

  1. Visit
  2. Under both the Peoples Choice and Podsafe Music categories:

    Podcast name: The Bugcast
    Podcast URL:

  3. Enter nominations for any other podcasts in the other remaining categories
  4. Enter your name and address at the bottom, and state whether you’re a Listener/Podcaster/Both
  5. Click Submit

Please remember:

  • Enter the details exactly as shown above. Slight variations in spelling could result in misplaced nominations.
  • You can only do this once for this year, so you can’t go back later and add in additional nominations for other categories once you click submit.
  • Tell your friends to nominate us too! 🙂
  • We love you, regardless!

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