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A Bugcast New Year

Thank youAs we enter into 2013 and prepare for the first show of the new year this evening, we cannot let the old year go without acknowledging everyone who has made 2012 such a brilliant year for The Bugcast.

It would take too long to list individually everyone who has been involved, but we include: our listeners, the artists, our supporters, and all the people, products and services that have made it possible for us to produce the show.

You guys make us what we are, and I hope that you will continue to be there to support us and cheer us on from the sidelines as we continue in our mission to entertain you at the same time as supporting the artists that we feature.

Our 250th show is coming up in February, and our 5th anniversary in March… so we need a fitting celebration for that. Why not join us tonight for our first live show of 2013 and share your ideas!

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