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The Bugcast has been producing a new show almost every week since March 2008. This would not have been possible without the help, support and (in some cases) love of the following tools, groups, and individuals:

for the podcast

Dave & Caroline Lee

Founder & Producer
Dave Lee

Social Media Manager

for the live show


Euterpia Radio (Shoutcast)

Chatroom/IRC channel

Live audio conferencing

Chief channel monkey
position vacant – apply in the chatroom during the live show

Chief show namer

for the production

Recording and streaming software

Pre- and post-production tools
Auphonic, sox, PyUpload, EasyTag

Support services
Google Drive
Mythic Beasts

for the website

Web hosting
Dave & Caroline Lee (formerly Moobug Solutions, which was our web business)

Media hosting
Internet Archive

Content management system

Graphical design
Caroline Lee
Darren Lacey

Podcasting support
Blubrry PowerPress

Graphical media players
Yannick Mauray

Additional development
Dave Lee

special thanks

for inspiration to start podcasting
Mark Taylor – The Random Three
Darren Wall/Lance Goodman – Dumbed Down Life

for powering the machines
elementaryOS (studio PC)
Ubuntu (Dave’s machine)
ChromeOS (Caroline’s machine)

for support and awesomeness
Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs –

for listening and just being there