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In early March 2008, I was sitting idly listening to a couple of podcasts that I’d started listening to. One was Dumbed Down Life and the other was The Random Three. It was whilst listening to these shows that I thought to myself, “it’d be fun to do this”. So I found some software for my laptop, got myself a cheap headset, and set to work.

On a quiet evening on Wednesday 5 March 2008 whilst my wife was at the gym and the kids were in bed, I worked out a format, downloaded some songs from the Podsafe Music Network and set to work. At about 22:00, episode 1 of The Bugcast was born. Now, at this point I hadn’t even written the website or feed with which I could publish my new podcast to the masses, but I sorted that out quite quickly and released the show to the world on Friday 7 March 2008.

Since then, the show has undergone a number of changes and milestones:

Ep# Date Event
005 04/04/08 Started asking listeners to submit their own show intros
024 15/08/08 First live show
New music source – Ariel Publicity
025 22/08/08 Special edition – Silver Podiversary
027 08/09/08 Went from 3 songs per episode to 5
029 26/09/08 Proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting
030 03/10/08 First co-host – the wife!
032 17/10/08 First show with music from an artist that has approached me directly
033 26/10/08 Presence on MySpace
037 21/11/08 First regular feature – the comedy song
042 02/01/09 New domain –
044 16/01/09 Artist special with interview – Anyone’s Guess
Presence on Facebook and Twitter
046 30/01/09 New music source – Jamendo
050 27/02/09 Special edition – Golden Podiversary
051 06/03/09 Artist special with interview – Mark Marshall
052 13/03/09 New music source – IODA Promonet
057 17/04/09 First live interview over Skype – Mark Marshall
059 08/05/09 The Bugcast is now being syndicated on realRADIO1
060 15/05/09 New music source – Platform One Entertainment
064 19/06/09 Changed theme tune from Chris Juergensen to Mark Markshall as a trial
Went from 5 songs per episode to 6
067 10/07/09 Compromised with Chris Juergensen as intro and Mark Markshall as outro
069 24/07/09 Launch of the new Bugcast Chatroom
074 04/09/09 Caroline joins the show as a permanent co-host!
Purchase of new hardware for podcasting
100 12/03/10 100th episode!!
  18/04/10 Complete redesign of the website, using WordPress – post
  13/02/11 Totally migrated the podcast files from Libsyn to
  19/02/11 New theme on the website
Now producing an Ogg Vorbis Feed – post

Obviously the story doesn’t end there, and there will be more appearing here soon.