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the bugcast extra – NaPodPoMo 2012 – November 01

Yes, I’m back… for my third year of NaPodPoMo!

This is the only show of the NaPodPoMo 2012 series that will appear in the regular Bugcast feed. If you want to get all of these daily shows, please use the following feed URL to subscribe to the shows using iTunes or whatever podcatcher you use:

Music played

Main track: Jediah – Don’t Die (Jamendo) (Boston, MA)
Intro/bed: Aquascape – Sunrise (Jamendo) (Russia, Moscow)


Year 3 of NaPodPoMo
Guest slots – wanna be a guest?


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  1. Good to hear you and your porridge are back again this year for NaPodPoMo!

    And I hope I never have to be awake before 6AM. Unless I haven’t yet gone to bed.

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