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the bugcast extra – NaPodPoMo 2012 – November 02

Welcome to NaPodPoMo Day 2!

Two days in a row now I’ve had to edit the show because I can’t control my levels. Gah.

Music played

Main track: Absent Feet – Poor Joe (Jamendo) (Rome, Italy)
Intro/bed: Aquascape – Sunrise (Jamendo) (Russia, Moscow)


Shout outs – Jezra, Chris, Andy, JonTheNiceGuy, Laura
Interesting, but rather melancholy, choice of track yesterday.
Don’t forget The Bugcast episode 235 at 21:30 UTC tonight in the chatroom – you could be on NaPodPoMo Day 3!

Podcast Promotion

Flyswatter Show



  1. Aw, thanks for the nice mention! I love your show!

  2. I’ve never felt that my NaPodPoMo’s all had to be the same show. All of the past NaPod’s, I’ve been a part of different shows in one way or another, and I just considered whatever show I did for that day to my daily podcast. Nothing wrong with doing it your way, tho. I think the extra effort is cool.

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