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the bugcast 550 – Listener’s Choice

This week on The Bugcast: our Listener’s Choice episode, featuring 12 tracks of Creative Commons music, submitted by a good solid handful of our listeners. Music this week from Fallen To Flux, Always The Alibi, Square A Saw, The Vow, Moonshiners, Omonoko, Explosive Ear Candy, Graines De Sel, Lukhash, The Glass Child, The Devil Music Co., and Lost In The World.

the bugcast 532 – Twenty Eighteen

This week on The Bugcast: we have a fairly in-depth discussion about internet regulation, freedom of speech, and the right not to be offended, plus we play 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from The Spin Wires, Fresh Body Shop, Saint Anyway, B L O E M E N, Keyiente, The Grus, Fox & Mew, and Graines De Sel.