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the bugcast 167 – One night stand

Amy makes us proud, News of the World is no more, and we’re on Google+! This, and some seriously good music!

Songs played

No Dreams – Just To Be OK (Jamendo) (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Kendra Springer – Reminiscence (Jamendo) (Rockport, US)
Sean Fournier – Broken Stereo (Acoustic Version) (Jamendo) (Middletown, CT)
Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band – Mad Squirrel March (Jamendo) (Boston, MA)
Max Waves – Reflections (feat Pixieguts) (Jamendo) (Treviso, Italy)
Ambiguous Dreams – Bury Me (Vibedeck) (Chatham, Kent)
Burning Shapes – Drop (direct from (Sevenoaks, Kent)

Intro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips
Outro: Mark Marshall – Man Walking


Amy’s perfect school report, and the tooth fairy visits tonight!
We gave the News of the World phone hacking affair far too much airtime.
We submitted the 300th track to! Not our 300th track…
The Bugcast is now on Google+

Next week

The next show will be episode 168, broadcast live in the chatroom on Friday 15 July from 21:30 UK time.

Special thanks go to

Association of Music Podcasting for their support
Internet Archive for hosting the podcast files
Ubuntu UK Podcast and Dumbed Down Life for the use of their Icecast/Shoutcast servers
The artists for allowing us to play their music.
Everyone who joined us in the chat room for the live broadcast of this show.



  1. Stealing my bands! Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band specifically… (played the track you did on this show) (I actually sourced them as ARTSomerville in this show)

    (sorry if that shows up twice. NoScript broke the first one, I think)

    1. You can actually blame young Mr Jon The Nice Guy for telling us about ENSMB… he even told us that he mindlessly, willing and maliciously stole the idea from Music Manumit.

      Disgusting behaviour, if you ask me.

  2. Im loving your Bugcasts, nice to hear good music is getting played, any chance of Ambiguous Dreams new song to get played soon its called “March Of The Dead [Spiral]”? 🙂

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