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the bugcast 203 – Back to the usual routine

We’re still fighting off the late stages of whatever has been plaguing us for the last couple of weeks, but we make up for it with some amazing music.

Songs played

times are approximate

Intro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips
Outro: Mark Marshall – Man Walking


Draw Something for Android and iOS
Caroline’s run-in with the weird guy on the bus

The European Podcast Awards are announced. DarkCompass came first, we came 17th

Please leave us feedback on the music or any of the topics that we’ve discussed


Association of Music Podcasting
Made In The UK Show

Next week

The next show will be episode 204 – broadcast live in the chatroom on Friday 2 March from 21:30 UK time.
Don’t forget that the clocks go forward here in the UK – we’ll be UTC+1 come next week!

Special thanks go to

The artists for allowing us to play their music.
Everyone who joined us in the chat room for the live broadcast of this show.
Internet Archive for hosting the podcast files
Ubuntu UK Podcast for the use of their Icecast server
Euterpia Radio for the use of their Shoutcast server
Butterflies Radio for relaying the live stream on their own service


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  1. Hi,
    I’m 1/2 of the duo Necessary Road in Kansas City and, purely by chance, stumbled upon your Bugcast #203.
    I was flattered and pleased that you included our song “Rock And A Hard Place” on your show. I enjoyed the podcast – there was quite a bit of excellent music there! I’ve bookmarked you and am looking forward to hearing a lot more good music.
    FYI – I am the vocalist (both lead and harmonies) and write a lot of the lyrics (including “Rock And A Hard Place).
    PS – I hope you are all starting to feel better! 🙂

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