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Tag: Lorenzo’s Music

#686 To be fair

This week on The Bugcast: lots of updates, to be fair, and 8 tracks of amazing Creative Commons music from Peace Shiver, The Silhouet, Julius Marx, Lorenzo’s Music, Kara Square and Piero Peluche, All My Friends Hate Me, The Manky Gnu, and Bessonn&Sa.

#664 Cara first

This week on The Bugcast: Cara graduates, Dave beers, Caroline guests, and 8 great piece of Creative Commons and independent music from Jon Worthy, Square A Saw, Kwasi Manni, The Happy Somethings, Elsi, Lorenzo’s Music, Learn to Lie, and Non Camera.

#658 – Nurburgring

This week on The Bugcast: vaccines, licenses, and sporting legends, plus 8 piece of Creative Commons music from KingSizeNine, The Guest Room, Jon Worthy, Mark Willput, River Burn, Lorenzo’s Music, The Porch Light Prophets, from Paul Seling.

#645 – Cocktail party

This week on The Bugcast: Dave goes to a cocktail party, we prepare for the Christmas break, and we play 8 pieces of fantastic Creative Commons music from Explosive Ear Candy, Buddhaz Yoyos, Lorenzo’s Music, Trench Town Oddities, Breezeless, MoOt, Rubbish Rabbits, and Dondervo.

the bugcast 533 – Podcast-ception

This week on The Bugcast: we have a fairly in-depth discussion about the “podcasting boom”, plus we play 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Neon NiteClub, Emily Richards, Seth Power, Thanks For Noticing, Bert Jerred, Lilly Wolf, Lorenzo’s Music, and Sam Garbett.

the bugcast 341 – Our Ho-ho-holiday show

This week on The Bugcast: our annual Christmas music special, featuring 8 great tracks of independent and Creative Commons music Lorenzo’s Music, Leo Bowers, Carrington MacDuffie, Crazy Quilt Bouquet, kangsinu, Sleeping Sky, ccMixter & Jamendo, and I’m Fresh, You’re Pretty.

the bugcast 340 – Awarding independence

This week on The Bugcast: we talk about Spotify and the BBC Music awards, plus we play 8 great tracks of independent and Creative Commons music from Kismet, Live Hart, Vienna In Love, Lorenzo’s Music, 10CentSunday, Kendra Logozar, Plug&Play, and Elyes Landoulsi.

the bugcast 300 – Listener’s Choice

This week on The Bugcast: we celebrate our 300th episode with our listener’s choice of tracks from the last 2 years. Tracks played from Absent Feet, Chasing Eidolon, Lorenzo’s Music, The House of the Old Boat, Paradile, Loveshadow, Glasgow, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, Professor Elemental, Contreband, Aviator Shades and Chamber Of Echoes.

the bugcast 228 – Royal splash

This week, we discuss a couple of recent news stories, some geeky stuff, and play some fantastic music from To Leave A Trace, Larah Femina, Lorenzo’s Music, Sweetch, Steven Dunston, St. David, The Wind Whistles and Raindoggs.

the bugcast 207 – The show that nearly wasn’t

This show nearly didn’t happen, due to networking issues here at Bugcast Towers. Still we prevailed and present to you a mostly music show featuring 8 great tracks from Relevant Discord, Tryad, Shirley Beans, Lorenzo’s Music, Bandrauschen, Jonnie Murphy, The House Of The Old Boat and Decode.