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Tag: Kwasi Manni

#664 Cara first

This week on The Bugcast: Cara graduates, Dave beers, Caroline guests, and 8 great piece of Creative Commons and independent music from Jon Worthy, Square A Saw, Kwasi Manni, The Happy Somethings, Elsi, Lorenzo’s Music, Learn to Lie, and Non Camera.

#615 – Tony Hedley

This week on The Bugcast: we remember the Manchester Arena bombing, Lee Rigby, a quiz involving Tony Hedley – uh – Hadley, and another political discussion about the lockdown, plus 8 pieces of great Creative Commons music from Dr Groove Gang, The Devil Music Co., Fresh Body Shop, The Jist, Bert Jerred, Kwasi Manni, In Isolation, and Hibai Aiestaran & The Basauri Prison Folkies.

#602 – Moo’s Choons

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline takes the controls – literally – to bring you her best selection of Creative Commons music played on the show in the last year – it’s Moo’s Choons! Music this week from Ryan Martin, Lower Loveday, The Devil Music Co, Carrying Goodness, Caitlin MacNamara, Anna Inspiration, Wordsmith, Kwasi Manni, Kinematic, Axl and Arth, Dacian Miron, Explosive Ear Candy, Rivers & Leaves, NghtShft, and Brody Blackburn.

#582 – Blurred lines

This week on The Bugcast: Public Service Announcements, horror books, network expansion, and some amazing Creative Commons music from OnesteP, Chalk City, RVNS, Kwasi Manni, Tracing Arcs, Emmanuel Dalmas, George Capon, and Caeleb Doughty.