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#741 Kevoline

This week on The Bugcast: Kevie sits in for Caroline, we talk podcasting and Creative Commons, and and play six tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from ccMixter from Zep Herme, SleeperSpaceBorn, Admiral Bob, ScOmBer, Snowflake, and Alex Beroza.

#624 – On your masks

This week on The Bugcast: we leave the house with our masks, we discuss the pros and cons of wearing masks, and we play 8 pieces of great Creative Commons music from Paper Clips, Living Camboya, Eliot Feldman, Samie Bower, The Imaginary Suitcase, Harrowed Harbingers, Dan Plants, and ElisaDay.

#582 – Blurred lines

This week on The Bugcast: Public Service Announcements, horror books, network expansion, and some amazing Creative Commons music from OnesteP, Chalk City, RVNS, Kwasi Manni, Tracing Arcs, Emmanuel Dalmas, George Capon, and Caeleb Doughty.

#581 – Frida herd

This week on The Bugcast: Even more art from Caroline and Cara, some geeky squee from Dave, and some amazing Creative Commons and independent music from The NUV, Ping Pong Club, Deezy, bARTek, Simillar, Café Del Chillia, The Vow, and Vitne.

the bugcast 476 – It’s your birthday…day…day

This week, we discuss new app and podcast discoveries, orange outakes, and we play 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Black Star, The Woods, KaneGang, Clay Souls, Ocean Shiver, Mr Finnlay, Candids, and Stoneface Priest.

the bugcast 330 – Oggy Oggy Oggy

This week on The Bugcast: we park our tanks on an iPhone 6 without bending it, and we play 8 great tracks of independent and Creative Commons music Gin Factory, Jubilee Riots, Josh Woodward, The Glass Child, Julia Haltigan, Mirva, Dayung, and Chaz Robinson.

the bugcast 260 – Unseen and not forgotten

This week, we talk live with Kevie from Unseen Studio about his new community podcast project, CCJam. Plus we play our usual mix of fantastic music from Spit Rusty, Fall Walk Run, Millionaire Blonde, Manny, Kid At Heart, Jack Blume, KHarMA and Dead Relic.