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Tag: The Woods

#651 – Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: Dave’s takes control as he selects 16 of his favourite tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from the last year from Filthy Kicks, The Woods, Rude, Dr Groove Gang, Paper Clips, RedSharp, The Devil Music Co., Noelle Chiodo, OnesteP, Kristian Vuljar, Every Hour Kills, Carter Vail, Red Crickets, David Davis, Robert Avellanet, and Renae.

#605 – Spookyvirus

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline is back in the studio so we talk about spookyvirus for Friday 13th, plus 8 pieces of amazing Creative Commons music from Aire, Back On Earth, Dash, Tab, Samie Bower, The Woods, Redsharp, and Danish Daycare.

#604 – The Comeback Kid

This week on The Bugcast: Cara steps in for Caroline as we discuss a couple of events from the past few days, and play 8 pieces of fantastic Creative Commons music from Strontium, Romancoke, Loveshadow, The Woods, Brady Harris, Nick Gordy, Jaye, and Rude.

the bugcast 542 – Number withheld

This week on The Bugcast: an update on the pool marathon and our November projects, a rant about misuse of the emergency services, and 8 phenomenal tracks of Creative Commons music from Mallz & Deron Alek, Zinegoline, Yavor, Toukay, The Glass Child, The Woods, The Devil Music Co., and SadMe.

the bugcast 521 – It’s coming home?

This week on The Bugcast: we discuss the possible outcomes for England in the World Cup, respond to feedback on last week’s show, plus we play 8 cracking tracks of Creative Commons music from Lower Loveday, MoOt, Clavicles, The Woods, Anitek, Vinyl Blast, The Spin Wires, and Those Things.

the bugcast 476 – It’s your birthday…day…day

This week, we discuss new app and podcast discoveries, orange outakes, and we play 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Black Star, The Woods, KaneGang, Clay Souls, Ocean Shiver, Mr Finnlay, Candids, and Stoneface Priest.

the bugcast 437 – A badger’s absence

This week on The Bugcast: very little waffle at all from Dave, no Caroline, but 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Dead Cinderella, The Green Duck, Reole, Johnny, Jamfolder, The Woods, Dorine Levy, and Miranda Mallory.