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the bugcast 401 – Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: Dave gives his selection of favourite tracks from the past year, from Boogie Belgique, Psychostick, Jara, Karissa Hobbs, Anitek, Stellar Art Wars, Bellevue, Manhat10, May, Filthy Kicks, Jeff Oster, David Krystal, Deep Down Inside, The Madpix Project, and madelyniris.

the bugcast 386 – Better late but early

This week on The Bugcast: On this non-live show with live listeners, we play our usual great mix of 8 great tracks of Creative Commons music from The A.J. Gatz Project, Filthy Kicks, Manhat10, Crumbsnatchers, Enry, Ty Andelman, Roman Ram Lobashkov, and Christian Kane.

the bugcast extra – NaPodPoMo 2012 – November 21

Welcome to NaPodPoMo Day 21!
Bit of a wash-out on the way into work.

the bugcast 186 – Disorganised DaveBug

Yet another brief update on our respective NaMo projects, a bit of uplifting news, some saddening news, and 8 extremely diverse pieces of music from Magdalen Graal, The Golden Dawn, Triplexity, Filthy Kicks, Paul & Storm, Basic Desire, Azoora and Birds of Tokyo.