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#566 – Almost a teenager

This week on The Bugcast: another year goes by, a Disney remake, more drawing challenges, and some awesome Creative Commons music from Achiko Oshkhereli, The Sugar Lids, Ed Napoli, Mysticboy, Tom Orlando, All My Friends Hate Me, Studio In The Sticks, and Carrying Goodness.

#557 – The Woohoos have it

This week on The Bugcast: more new tech, Brexit, Daylight Savings, and 8 tracks of amazing Creative Commons music from Square A Saw, Lip Service, Kesakoo, Michael Ellis, The Spin Wires, Ed Napoli, RVNS, and The Riders.

the bugcast 468 – Hangover hop

This week on The Bugcast: lots of news from the world of entertainment, and our amazing selection of 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons and Independent music from texasradiofish, The Thin Cherries, The Rabbitts, The Glass Child, Wordsmith, Mickey Blue, Twin Flames, and Ed Napoli.