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#759.5 La Suisse en Anglais

This week on The Bugcast: whilst Dave and Caroline take a week off, Yannick takes the controls and plays ten listener-submitted tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Christian Kane, Skaly, The Silhouet, Josh Woodward, Neon Nite Club, Sunwill, Dub Terminator, Boogie Belgique, People Of The Parallel, and Iced Blade.

#720 Over and almost out

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline’s job, Japan’s former PM, the UK’s former PM, and 8 tracks of brilliant Creative Commons and independent music from Iced Blade, Neon Nite Club, Kevin Milner and Piero Peluche, Joshua Wales, Ed Napoli, And The Broken, EKOUT, and Glass Violet.

#698 Don’t ever stop rocking!

This week on The Bugcast: a farewell to Meat Loaf, people treated badly, and play 8 tracks of amazing Creative Commons music from Stoneface Priest, Luca Caperna, Igor Pumphonia, Varsity Dropout, Frederico Sawabini, André Kafke, Radio Nowhere, from Iced Blade.

#650 – Listener’s Choice

This week on The Bugcast: we hand the song choices to you, and play 15 of your favourite pieces of Creative Commons and independent music from Mercury and the Architects, I Am Not Lefthanded, Kara Square and Piero Peluche, The Devil Music Co., Mark Marshall, Renae, The Rinn, ElisaDay, Kinematic, DJ Wallace, The Artisans Beats, Every Hour Kills, Finn Anderson, Strontium, and Iced Blade,

#647 – We love EU

This week on The Bugcast: we see out the European Union, and see in the New Year, plus 8 pieces of great Creative Commons music from Iced Blade, Shearer, Breezeless, Square A Saw, The Madpix Project, Haydn Davies, Back On Earth, and Michael C Jones.

the bugcast 350 – Listener’s Choice

This week on The Bugcast: we feature our Listener’s Choice of the best track from the past year. Tracks chosen from Anne Davis, Thoola, The Freak Fandango Orchestra, I’m Fresh, You’re Pretty, Marc Reeves, Michael McEachern, Iced Blade, Beautiful Mess, Fallen To Flux, and ProleteR.

the bugcast 333 – Working under pressure

This week on The Bugcast: lots of news, lots of tech, lots of clocks, and we play 8 great tracks of independent and Creative Commons music from Final Round, Ocean Jet, Julia Haltigan, DeathBoy, The Way I Am, Iced Blade, A Is For Atom, and Echovolt.

the bugcast 240 – Driving us crazy

This week we catch up on a topical news story and driving dogs, along with 8 great tracks from Firn, Millionaire Blonde, DevonMiles, The Vow, The Womb, 7 Training Days, Obsidian Shell and Hilmouse.