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the bugcast 486 – Truly madly shiny

This week on The Bugcast: New toy, new job, deleted account, and 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Saints Among Us, J. Callis, Avercage, Lele Rambelli, Ketamin, Zapple Pie, Michael McEachern, and Damon White.

the bugcast 350 – Listener’s Choice

This week on The Bugcast: we feature our Listener’s Choice of the best track from the past year. Tracks chosen from Anne Davis, Thoola, The Freak Fandango Orchestra, I’m Fresh, You’re Pretty, Marc Reeves, Michael McEachern, Iced Blade, Beautiful Mess, Fallen To Flux, and ProleteR.

the bugcast 329 – Oh no, they’re back!

This week on The Bugcast, we dive straight into the political turmoil of the week, plus we play 8 great tracks of Creative Commons music from Other Noises, Marc Reeves, Michael McEachern, Carl Andre and the Danolectros, Sweet Play, Abscondo, Gone By Friday, and Cooper.

the bugcast 323 – Conspiratorially speaking

This week on The Bugcast: We cover travel from a couple of different perspectives, and we play 8 cracking tracks of Creative Commons music from Other Noises, Not4Radio, Modern Pitch, Sunspot, Michael McEachern, Fanton, Kicklighter and Final Round.

the bugcast 303 – Back to regular programming

This week on The Bugcast: Amy and Cara join us on the show, and we play 8 great tracks of Creative Commons music from Atomic Horsebox, Bohemian Skyzzoyd Orchestrers, Cardinal Colère, Michael McEachern, The Quiet Revelution, JamInRolls, Anker Bolt and Loon Attic.

the bugcast 242 – It’s a Bugcast Christmas!

Our Christmas special for 2012 featuring some interesting topics and great music from Going Commando, The House of the Old Boat, Lee Abramson, Michael McEachern, Snowflake & ccMixter, The Experiments, Jodie Levinson and Fax Be Good.

the bugcast 233 – SHUT UP!

Birthdays, losing more than the plot, and news from the social media. All this, and 8 pieces of music from Black and White, Michael McEachern, Grant Siedle, Robin Grey, A Is For Atom, Can’t Stop The Daggers, House Of The Old Boat and Zadkiel… and we don’t charge you a penny!

the bugcast 229 – Bruised fruit

This week we go one step away from Apple bashing, and pick out a couple of the more interesting local news stories of the week. All this, and 8 great tracks Amy Meredith, Michael McEachern, Hannah & Maggie, Hungry Lucy, Elan, Starside Casino, Amy Lynn & The Gunshow & Drunksouls.