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Tag: Snowflake & ccMixter

#608 – Not a Lovely Day

This week on The Bugcast: we discuss how it is not a Lovely Day for entertainment, and how people and companies handle the current viral situation, and Caroline has the gurglies, plus 8 pieces of amazing Creative Commons music from Paper Clips, Poly Action, Back On Earth, Rope River Blues Band, Snowflake & ccMixter, The Gays, Carter Vail, and Tinmouth.

the bugcast 242 – It’s a Bugcast Christmas!

Our Christmas special for 2012 featuring some interesting topics and great music from Going Commando, The House of the Old Boat, Lee Abramson, Michael McEachern, Snowflake & ccMixter, The Experiments, Jodie Levinson and Fax Be Good.

the bugcast 191 – Santa’s Coming

Our annual Christmas Music Special this week, with not 8, but 10 very different festive tunes from Victoria Caffè, Reason, Gwen Norwood, David Brock, BiGgDrE, Curtis Gulledge, Forty Winks, Snowflake & ccMixter, Allison Crowe, Stella Art Wars, The Tengooz, The Raccoons, Trench Town Oddities, Lejo Harmeson and Dom The Bear.