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#700 Listeners’ Choice

This week on The Bugcast: our listeners select their favourite tracks that we’ve played in the last year, with 17 tracks of amazing Creative Commons and independent music from Xander Black, Abnormal Changes, Bessonn&Sa , KingSizeNine, Elsi, Fist of Five, Mercury & The Architects, Obsidian Shell, Jon Worthy, Nick Ray, One Juno , The Spin Wires, Luke Davids, Studio in the Sticks, For Myself, Éder, and Ridgway.

#671 He’s a very naughty boy

This week on The Bugcast: we discuss the UK’s Health Minister, and a former police officer from Minnesota, and play 8 great pieces of Creative Commons from Obsidian Shell, MOGU, Naomi, Lucid Lip, James Bell, LizAnn & Nehilo, Caroline, and Mad Sky.

the bugcast 336 – Shooting it right down the centre

This week on The Bugcast: we discuss genius kids and criminal social networkers, plus we play 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Bi-Jo, Victoria Caffe, Waiting For A Name, Roxanna, Le Dame Blanche, Beautiful Mess, Yvalain, and Obsidian Shell.

the bugcast 307 – Writing the rainbow

This week on The Bugcast: Gay rights, writings, and 8 awesome tracks of Creative Commons music from all:my:faults, Cool Cavemen, Olga Zhilkova, Grace Kelly, Anne Davis, Derek Atkinson, Obsidian Shell and The Funeral Honors.

the bugcast 240 – Driving us crazy

This week we catch up on a topical news story and driving dogs, along with 8 great tracks from Firn, Millionaire Blonde, DevonMiles, The Vow, The Womb, 7 Training Days, Obsidian Shell and Hilmouse.

the bugcast 206 – The Boozecast

An alcohol-fueled show this week, with an appeal for help, and 8 great tracks from We Are FM, Obsidian Shell,Jordan Reyne, Lejo Harmeson, Lay Low, Stone Pony and Green Tea.

the bugcast 202 – Moo’s Choons

Despite both Dave and Caroline under the influence of virii and fever, we go ahead with Caroline’s song choice this week, picking out her favourite 14 tracks from the last year. Music from Tenpenny Joke, Rob Warren, Obsidian Shell, Singleton, Trench Town Oddities, Steven Dunston, Belladonna feat. Michael Nyman, Nodreams, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Leigh Mary Stokes, Reform the Resistance, Sean Fournier, Stefano Mocini and The Nuri.

the bugcast 196 – Cold feet, hot tracks

Hosting success, hosting fail, a few more “different” tracks this week. Music provided by Tenpenny Joke, Houdini Roadshow, Paul Shepard, Pete Lesperance, Crazy Quilt Bouquet, Magdalen Graal, One Buck Music and Obsidian Shell.

the bugcast 176 – Attack of the podcasts

We’re joined by an extended audience this week, with memories of a decade ago and some great music from Me, Fall Walk Run, Rehearsed Living, The Shining Skulls, Cwtch, The Wandering Monks, Robin Grey and Obsidian Shell.