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#574 – oztunan uncut

This week on The Bugcast: oztunan does a great job hosting his first ever podcast this week, featuring a great mix of Creative Commons music from GarnaVutka, Tinyfolk, Grace Kelly, Mike Phirman, BIT, Ramova, The Spin Wires, from Dazie Mae.

the bugcast 307 – Writing the rainbow

This week on The Bugcast: Gay rights, writings, and 8 awesome tracks of Creative Commons music from all:my:faults, Cool Cavemen, Olga Zhilkova, Grace Kelly, Anne Davis, Derek Atkinson, Obsidian Shell and The Funeral Honors.

the bugcast 255 – Arrivals and Awards

This week, we cover off the last fortnights events, with the arrival of our son and the winning of the European Podcast Award, plus 8 rather spiffing pieces of music from Antarhes, Heifervescent, Sundayers, Sasha Papernik, The Vow, Grace Kelly, Much Ado About Nothing and Lisa Bell.