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the bugcast 441 – Thar she blows

This week on The Bugcast: Dave and Caroline are back for their Christmas episode, with no Christmas songs in sight, but instead 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Estudiante, The Green Duck, The Madpix Project, In Camera, Sundayers, Finn Anderson, Now Endeavor, and Fader Hill.

the bugcast 261 – Let’s skank

This week, we talk schools and discoveries. Plus we play our usual mix of cracking music from Roman Mendez, Sundayers, Emerald Park, Anitek, Maria Rodes, Loudog, The Search and Vagos Permanentes.

the bugcast 255 – Arrivals and Awards

This week, we cover off the last fortnights events, with the arrival of our son and the winning of the European Podcast Award, plus 8 rather spiffing pieces of music from Antarhes, Heifervescent, Sundayers, Sasha Papernik, The Vow, Grace Kelly, Much Ado About Nothing and Lisa Bell.

the bugcast 254 – A bit of everything

This week, arrivals, awards, sunsets, and 8 great pieces of music Centre Excuse, Atomic Cat, Meredith O’Connor, Sundayers, The Soft Breaking, I’m Bad Like Jesse James, Jediah and Spark Thugs.