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#747 The Railway Child

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline sleeps on a railway station concourse for charity and awareness, and we play eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Jonay, Chanel & The Circus, Dazie Mae, Nehilo, Jonathan Dimmel, Kit Pristine, Anna Craig, and Vinyl Blast.

#694 Post-Covid Christmas

This week on The Bugcast: we’re back after Covid, we discuss the current UK political situation, and play 8 tracks of amazing Creative Commons music from Ed Napoli, Stellar Art Wars, Franck Camu, Niki J Crawford, Dazie Mae, Pinegroove, Kristian Vuljar, and Wordsmith.

#574 – oztunan uncut

This week on The Bugcast: oztunan does a great job hosting his first ever podcast this week, featuring a great mix of Creative Commons music from GarnaVutka, Tinyfolk, Grace Kelly, Mike Phirman, BIT, Ramova, The Spin Wires, from Dazie Mae.

the bugcast 520 – Little Podcast on the Prairie

This week on The Bugcast: we talk mainly about the issue of criticising historical accounts based on modern day values, plus we play 8 cracking tracks of Creative Commons music from NevadaRnd, Tyler Gelrud, Rubberdollies, Bert Jerred, Songwriterz, mindthings, Zareen, and Dazie Mae.

the bugcast 499 – Lengthy diversion

This week on The Bugcast: in our last “normal” show before the celebratory specials, we mention a bit of local news, and play 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Always The Alibi, Don’t Be A Stranger, Bert Jerred, While, Emerson, Mickey Blue, Run, from Dazie Mae.

the bugcast 302 – Moo’s Tunes

This week on The Bugcast: we celebrate our 302nd episode with Caroline’s choice of tracks from the last 2 years. Tracks from Juice Big City, Sons Of Sin, Lee-Dai Jones, Sean Fournier, MMO, Jason Silver, Steve Anthony, Dazie Mae, General Union, Mike Falzone and the Peppermint Trick, Singleton, Dekadentes, Two Spot Gobi (featuring Jason Mraz) and Microjachis

the bugcast 239 – It’s a boy!

This week, an epic show, epic chat as we’re joined by a guest, with some epic music from Harry Marttila, May Stands Still, Dazie Mae, Elijah Tucker, Skabrot, Mr Hunter, Midi Chips and La Catrin.

the bugcast 230 – Accident and Emergency

This week discuss the Megan Stammers situation, and the penchant of our children to unintentional self-injury… all this, along with 8 great pieces of music from Thomas Allan, Daniel Berges & The Windsurfers, Anna Craig, Black Bones, The Clockwork Quartet, Dazie Mae, The Sway and Sickbag.

the bugcast 180 – And the award goes to…

Awards, Jamendo, jobs, Jobs, plus 8 tracks of amazing music from Oneside, The New Autonomous Folksingers, Tryad, Dazie Mae, Professor Kliq, Kursed, Ambiguous Dreams and Hidden Secret

the bugcast 178 – Dave vs Caroline – where’s the cage?

The chatroom is bursting at the seams, but we still find space to play you eight quality tracks from Aphemia, The League, Matt Stevens, Dazie Mae, Madgalen Graal, TyLean, The Way I Am and The Patinettes.