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the bugcast 370 – The sheet’s on the floor

This week on The Bugcast: encrypted conversations, misheard lyrics, and 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Bryan Art, Nicole-Marie, Color Out, aliveway, Lake Of Kings, Skyler Young, The Way I Am, and Four.

the bugcast 333 – Working under pressure

This week on The Bugcast: lots of news, lots of tech, lots of clocks, and we play 8 great tracks of independent and Creative Commons music from Final Round, Ocean Jet, Julia Haltigan, DeathBoy, The Way I Am, Iced Blade, A Is For Atom, and Echovolt.

the bugcast 325 – Buggamuffin

This week on The Bugcast: We discuss some sad stuff and some crazy stuff, and we play 8 cracking tracks of Creative Commons music from The TenGooz, John Option, Anne Davis, Carly James, Robert Avellanet, The Smoothies, The Way I Am, and North Unity Sound.

the bugcast 258 – Springing into music

This week, we reflect on the big global news story of the week, and play 8 rather fantastic, although somewhat quirky tunes from On Returning, Kassy Key & The Raindoggs, NO, Birdeatsbaby, Trifonic, The Medics, The Ease Down and The Way I Am.

the bugcast 178 – Dave vs Caroline – where’s the cage?

The chatroom is bursting at the seams, but we still find space to play you eight quality tracks from Aphemia, The League, Matt Stevens, Dazie Mae, Madgalen Graal, TyLean, The Way I Am and The Patinettes.