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#747 The Railway Child

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline sleeps on a railway station concourse for charity and awareness, and we play eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Jonay, Chanel & The Circus, Dazie Mae, Nehilo, Jonathan Dimmel, Kit Pristine, Anna Craig, and Vinyl Blast.

#622 – Itsa podcast!

This week on The Bugcast: we have become radio presenters, Alex is now a Junior, we discuss the difference between radio shows and podcasts, and we play 8 pieces of great Creative Commons and independent music from Black Siren, Zack Linton, Bradley Peck, Mark Marshall, Marta Manera, Tab, The Victory Drive, and Jonathan Dimmel.

the bugcast 232 – Watchword

We have more reason to celebrate this week, so we “award” you with 8 really great tracks from Playhaus, Antiqcool, Revolution Void, Josh Woodward, The Monster Brothers, Jonathan Dimmel, Tin Soldier and In A Nutshell.

the bugcast 221 – Condensed chatter

In this week’s show, we had nothing to talk about… until the last 10 minutes. Still, we manage to fit in 8 great pieces of music from The Spyro, Fhernando, The Veit Club, Uniform Motion, Urban Castle Magic, Manolis Moumouzias, That was Yesterday and Jonathan Dimmel.