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#671 He’s a very naughty boy

This week on The Bugcast: we discuss the UK’s Health Minister, and a former police officer from Minnesota, and play 8 great pieces of Creative Commons from Obsidian Shell, MOGU, Naomi, Lucid Lip, James Bell, LizAnn & Nehilo, Caroline, and Mad Sky.

#660 – RIP, old chap

This week on The Bugcast: the Duke of Edinburgh, vaccination, a discussion on creative ownership, and 8 piece of Creative Commons music from MOGU, Ed Napoli, Egor Budennyy, Jon Worthy, Fatima Mhedden, Anna Niagara, Kingston Blues, and Rousing Numbers.

#653 – Normal time

This week on The Bugcast: we’re back in normal time again this week, as we talk about lockdown and play 8 Creative Commons tracks from Back On Earth, Paolo Orecchia, Alfonso Lugo, MOGU, The Tangerine Club, Smoking With Poets, Luke Davids, and Renae.

#586 – Post OggCamp

This week on The Bugcast: we reveal what happened with last week’s show, we review OggCamp and segue into a discussion on data freedoms, and we play some amazing Creative Commons music from Axl & Arth, MOGU, Starmob, Final Round, Square A Saw, Dacian Miron, Neon NiteClub, and SadMe.

#556 – OnePlus Envy

This week on The Bugcast: new technology arrives at Bugcast Towers, so we celebrate by bringing you our (not usual) selection of fantastic Creative Commons music from Carrying Goodness, Unden Leslie, Vinyl Blast, Leslie Hunt, Slingshot Miracle, Julie & Gent, The Liquid Kitchen, and MOGU.

#553 – All the right notes

This week on The Bugcast: we’re back to our normal format, with some more sad news from the world of music and comedy, plus 8 fantastic tracks of Creative Commons music from The Riders, Ryan Martin, Plants, SadMe, Brunela Crochenci, Lee Rice, MOGU, and Lower Loveday.