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Tag: Alfonso Lugo

#617 – #BlackLivesMatter

This week on The Bugcast: we talk about the #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations in the UK, and more coronavirus and politics, plus 8 pieces of great Creative Commons and independent music from Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood, Alfonso Lugo, Mark Marshall, D.B. Ricapito, Maenoba, Helen & Shanna, Renae, and Strontium.

#607 – Gurglies

This week on The Bugcast: our rundown of lockdown this past week, fallout from the current situation, and Caroline has the gurglies, plus 8 pieces of amazing Creative Commons music from Emily and the Blackouts, Rude, Emily Coulston, Alfonso Lugo, Sick and Fancy, Igor Pumphonia, Barefoot McCoy, and Paxton Pennington.