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Tag: Mikhalt

#801 Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: Dave shares with us his favourite tracks from the last year, with sixteen tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Morrisframe, Wiseman, Drybone Allstars, Loveshadow, Radioontheshelf, A Virtual Friend, Lake Omne, Kerry, Manolo Camp, Bessonn&sa, Kristian Vuljar, Skaly, FromSkyToAbyss, Mikaël Paranthoën, Stingray SZN, and Weathered Pages.

#766 Just Stop Toil

This week on The Bugcast: strikes, protests, faux protests, and eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Alfonso Lugo, TheNextGee, Radioontheshelf, James Bell, Convertible Studio, A Virtual Friend, Sparky, and Sam Smithwick.