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Tag: Wiseman

#801 Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: Dave shares with us his favourite tracks from the last year, with sixteen tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Morrisframe, Wiseman, Drybone Allstars, Loveshadow, Radioontheshelf, A Virtual Friend, Lake Omne, Kerry, Manolo Camp, Bessonn&sa, Kristian Vuljar, Skaly, FromSkyToAbyss, Mikaël Paranthoën, Stingray SZN, and Weathered Pages.

#756 Raab Off

This week on The Bugcast: blue ticks lost, rocket lost, job lost, and eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons and Independent music from The Spin Wires, Pokki DJ, Wiseman, Joel Loopez, Annie Capps, Jeff Jacobs, Drybone Allstars, and Gölden Palace.