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#798 STEMazing

This week on The Bugcast: the Royal Family and privacy, STEM events, and eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Tab, Ionian Smile, Caleb Lemond, The Bugcast vs. Grapes, Lorenzo’s Music, Laurence DaNova, Raja, Patt Berry, and Sean Ferree.

#685 Scream again

This week on The Bugcast: tragedy, birthday, space flight, podcasting, and 8 tracks of amazing Creative Commons music from All My Friends Hate Me, Alfonso Lugo, Kristian Vuljar, Luke Davids, The Sunset Vibe, Ionian Smile, Izzii Grace, and HNTRS.

#568 – Release a squirrel

This week on The Bugcast: we discuss the effects of degenerative disorders, Caroline reviews a TV show based on a book, and we play some spiffy Creative Commons music from Neon NiteClub, Josh Woodward, Aleksey Chistilin, Bianca Smith, EveryNowHere, Ionian Smile, Yris, and SICK.

the bugcast 448 – Splash of inspiration

This week on The Bugcast: tech support and breastfeeding (but not at the same time), plus 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Ionian Smile, Thin Men, Aisha Sal Diri, Michael Ellis, Downhill Willows, Mark Dvorak, Don Whitaker, and The Riders.