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Tag: Laurence Danova

#798 STEMazing

This week on The Bugcast: the Royal Family and privacy, STEM events, and eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Tab, Ionian Smile, Caleb Lemond, The Bugcast vs. Grapes, Lorenzo’s Music, Laurence DaNova, Raja, Patt Berry, and Sean Ferree.

#736 Not Slytherin, eh?

This week on The Bugcast: Bill Treacher, Leslie Phillips, Remembrance Day, and 8 tracks of fantastic Creative Commons and independent music from Curious Grace & Black Rabbit, Noe Is Not Unique, Aussens@iter, The Disco Viking, Igor Pumphonia, Laurence DaNova, Jared Rabin, and Levyroad.

#717 Snot funny

This week on The Bugcast: transgender is apparently a phase, Ukraine in EU and Eurovision, and 8 tracks of brilliant Creative Commons music from The Vow, Laurence DaNova, Laurent Danis, Rxbyn, Joshua Wales, Tom Orlando, 1st Contact, and Soundstatues.

#705 Whodunnit?

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline gets sent to Coventry, our youngest has another birthday, plus 8 tracks of amazing Creative Commons music from Egor Budennyy, Chanel & The Circus, Zero Project, Aspirin, I Am November, Laurence Danova, Talking Cure, and The Spin Wires.