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the bugcast 313 – Forget me not

This week on The Bugcast: … nope, I’ve totally forgotten. Oh, but we did play 8 fantastic tracks of Creative Commons music from Tamara Laurel, Nate Maingard, Thoola, Bricks & Stone, duckett, Paola Ronci, Botany Bay and The Nuri.

the bugcast 291 – Let’s play some moose-ic

This week on The Bugcast: a sad loss, new furniture, vocal noise, and our usual awesome mix of music from The Nuri, Stephane TV, Stefanie Högl & maiNaim, Panic Order, Graham Holland, Chord of Souls, Hey Yeena and Kismet.

the bugcast 234 – Growing up too fast…

On this week’s show, we discuss the proposals of teaching kids about pornography, our November projects, and we play 8 great pieces of music The Nuri, lo.Krain, Lejo Harmeson & Essence, Brady Harris, The Golden Dawn, Still Noah, Blue Identity and Karmavibe.

the bugcast 202 – Moo’s Choons

Despite both Dave and Caroline under the influence of virii and fever, we go ahead with Caroline’s song choice this week, picking out her favourite 14 tracks from the last year. Music from Tenpenny Joke, Rob Warren, Obsidian Shell, Singleton, Trench Town Oddities, Steven Dunston, Belladonna feat. Michael Nyman, Nodreams, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Leigh Mary Stokes, Reform the Resistance, Sean Fournier, Stefano Mocini and The Nuri.

the bugcast 174 – Summat A Bit Different This Week

We welcome our antipodean podcasting colleague, Erk from Channel Erk, into the studio, with some great music chosen by Erk and Caroline, from The Nuri, Steven Dunston, Amodus, Foundry Road, Singleton, Major Major, Trench Town Oddities and ME.