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Tag: Anthem of Rain

#752 Moo’s Choons

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline chooses her favourite tracks from the last twelve months, featuring 16 tracks of Creative Commons music from Paul Lisak & After The Ice, I. D. F. X., James Bell, Cole Powell, Elsi, Tin Soldier, The Disco Viking, Le-J-James, Mòpi, Megan Graney, Black Pudding Poetry, Anthem of Rain, Craig McMorrow, Nick Ray, and Dernière Chance.

#748 Jamendon’t

This week on The Bugcast: Bruce Willis, Nicola Bulley, music sources, and eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Little Ozzy & J E Frey, Stefan Kartenberg, Taylor Poe, Raja, Black Pudding Poetry, Tin Soldier, Anthem of Rain, and Anna Craig.

#681 Home Improvements

This week on The Bugcast: More home improvements, and 8 tracks of amazing Creative Commons and independent music, some of which you may have heard before, from ElisaDay, Nicolas Falcon, James Bell, The Silhouet, Hungry Lucy, Anthem of Rain, StrangeZero, and Orferion.

#676 Back online

This week on The Bugcast: technical problems at Bugcast Towers, legacy technology costings, and 8 great pieces of Creative Commons music from Nick Ray, Poor Pie, Anthem of Rain, Avi Rosenfeld, Jack & The Lemons, Frederico Sawabini, Jon Worthy, and Paper Clips.