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#651 – Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: Dave’s takes control as he selects 16 of his favourite tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from the last year from Filthy Kicks, The Woods, Rude, Dr Groove Gang, Paper Clips, RedSharp, The Devil Music Co., Noelle Chiodo, OnesteP, Kristian Vuljar, Every Hour Kills, Carter Vail, Red Crickets, David Davis, Robert Avellanet, and Renae.

#637 – Whip it bad

This week on The Bugcast: Dave and Caroline discuss current politics – surprise! – and try and understand why politicians are encouraged to ignore their electors, plus 8 pieces of fantastic Creative Commons music from Strontium, Monk Turner, David Davis, Duro Mambo, Kristian Vuljar, Bessonn&Sa, Paxton Pennington, and Tinmouth.