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Tag: The Guest Room

#701 Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: Dave presents his selection of the best tracks that we’ve played in the last year, with 16 tracks of amazing Creative Commons music from Back On Earth, The Guest Room, Tamara Lalayan, Eventual Groove, ikkubaru, Ezdrash, Zero Project, Kristian Vuljar, Nick Ray, Bessonn&sa, Igor Pumphonia, Mad Sky, The Silhouet, Joshua Wales, Bellevue, and Second Impact Syndrome.

#658 – Nurburgring

This week on The Bugcast: vaccines, licenses, and sporting legends, plus 8 piece of Creative Commons music from KingSizeNine, The Guest Room, Jon Worthy, Mark Willput, River Burn, Lorenzo’s Music, The Porch Light Prophets, from Paul Seling.

#657 – Trust your gut

This week on The Bugcast: Hobbies, gender inequality, and a debate on personal safety, plus we play 8 Creative Commons tracks from Dr Groove Gang, Wood Hitch, Bessonn&Sa, Dick Raine, Jon Worthy, River Burn, The Guest Room, and Omaïnen.

#655 – Frasier again?

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline is in pain, classic TV programs get rebooted, plus 8 Creative Commons tracks from Abnormal Changes, Smoking with Poets, Kinematic, Xander Black, On Returning, The Guest Room, Modern Pitch, and Color Out.

#643 – Schnizz we did

This week on The Bugcast: we give an update on our current and future projects, and play 8 pieces of fantastic Creative Commons and independent music from Filthy Kicks, Mercury and the Architects, Bessonn&Sa, Forget The Whale, The Happy Somethings, Patt Berry, The Guest Room, and Jester Valentine