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May 21 2016

the bugcast 410 – Driving Moo crazy

This week on The Bugcast: planes, wanes, and babymobiles, plus our usual mix of 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Rusty Tea Makers, Hubert, Karissa Hobbs, Roy Smiles, Dan Henig, Joshua Ticsay, Ty Andelman, and The Madpix Project.

May 07 2016

the bugcast 408 – Ranty McRantface

This week on The McBugface: McDaveface has a McRantface about McWebfaces, plus our usual mix of 8 amazing Creative Commons tracks from Familia Reggae, Mad Glory, Luck, Ty Andelman, Deep Down Inside, Vulcano, Kankel, and Kinematic.

Dec 05 2015

the bugcast 386 – Better late but early

This week on The Bugcast: On this non-live show with live listeners, we play our usual great mix of 8 great tracks of Creative Commons music from The A.J. Gatz Project, Filthy Kicks, Manhat10, Crumbsnatchers, Enry, Ty Andelman, Roman Ram Lobashkov, and Christian Kane.