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Jan 14 2017

the bugcast 444 – Paraskevidekatriaphobia

This week on The Bugcast: a slightly shorter show, so fewer depressing news stories, but still 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from The Heavy Crawls, The Artisans Beats, Alyssa Riley, The Cavebear Clan, Moacir Lima, Seastock, Berkley Mallin, and JekK.

Sep 10 2016

the bugcast 426 – On the Wilder side

This week on The Bugcast: Wilder times, Paralympics, trials, and rekindlings, plus 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and Independent music from Zack Linton, Stoneface Priest, Albin Andersson,Dave Spencer, The Jaygles, Berkley Mallin, Roller Genoa, and The Karma Nites.