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Tag: Dirt Road Sinnerz

#800 Listeners’ Choice

This week on The Bugcast: we hand the show over to our listeners to highlight the best tracks we’ve played over the last year, with seventeen tracks of Creative Commons music from Little Suspicions, Those Fine Strangers, Bryan Kelly, The Spin Wires, Jon Worthy, Forget the Whale, Dub Terminator , Dirt Road Sinnerz, Jami Sieber, Scott Whiddon, Thomas, Egor Budennyy, Sean Ferree, Forgotten Names, Weathered Pages, and The Bugcast vs. Grapes.

#764 Here we prom again

This week on The Bugcast: Des goes to prom, Alan Arkin, Naomi Campbell, Prince Harry, and eight tracks of fantastic Creative Commons music from Dirt Road Sinnerz, Tristram Woods, Admiral Bob, The Happy Somethings, Paul & Manuel, Zenboy1955, and Horned Wolf.