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#576 – rm, the power’s out

This week on The Bugcast: the power goes out across England, a new sci-fi podcast has been launched, Yannick “does a Dave”, and we play some amazing Creative Commons music from Josh Woodward, Aquarius Blue, Rapid Pain Relief, Color Out, Rasmus Söderberg, The DŁX, Allie Farris, and Cwtch.

#570 – Hemifacial spasm

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline ends up in the wrong place, Dave has involuntary spasms, and we play some fantastic Creative Commons music from Carrying Goodness, Allie Farris, Nghtshft, Bryyn, Ris Charm, Daniel Catarino, Bellevue, and Josh Woodward.

the bugcast 431 – Great White Cockburn

This week on The Bugcast: shocked sharks, fussy eaters, new toys, and a new band, plus 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Kat Pace, Fresh Body Shop, A Cup Of Bossas, Portrayal, Jeffrey Philip Nelson, The Man In Washington, Monotalk, and Allie Farris.

the bugcast 395 – After the <blank> has gone

This week on The Bugcast: even more legendary departures, a real world reaction to a fictional drama, and our usual eclectic mix of 8 amazing Creative Commons tracks from Amity In Fame, Silver Aeroplane, Slow Corpse, Death To The McKenzies, The Kinky Fingers, Roller Genoa, Allie Farris, and Four.

the bugcast 392 – Grizzly Stardust, always

This week on The Bugcast: another despatch batch and a round-up of the week, plus our usual mix of 8 fantastic independant and Creative Commons tracks from Prince Ringard, Nathan Osmond, Michael Ellis, Christian Kane, Allie Farris, Boogie Belgique, Brandon Liew, and Deanmoore.