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Tag: Daniel Catarino

#570 – Hemifacial spasm

This week on The Bugcast: Caroline ends up in the wrong place, Dave has involuntary spasms, and we play some fantastic Creative Commons music from Carrying Goodness, Allie Farris, Nghtshft, Bryyn, Ris Charm, Daniel Catarino, Bellevue, and Josh Woodward.

the bugcast 522 – Build-A-Future

This week on The Bugcast: we reflect on the England World Cup team’s success, the work done to help rebuild people’s futures, unwell-thought-out plans, plus we play 8 cracking tracks of Creative Commons and independent music! from Second Impact Syndrome, Bad Dog No Biscuit, Stoneface Priest, Esther Garcia, Dondi, Frank Rawel, Townhouse Woods, and Daniel Catarino.

the bugcast 394 – Positive or negative

This week on The Bugcast: more legendary departures, a discussion about discrimination, and our usual mix of 8 fantastic independent and Creative Commons tracks from Malevo, Van Susans, Yury, The Sky Catching Fire, Marcello Correa e Castro, Lost Souls On Broadway, Daniel Catarino, and The Madpix Project.