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Tag: Gert Breitenkamp

the bugcast 351 – Moo’s Tunes

This week on The Bugcast: we feature Carolines’s selection of the best tracks from the past year. Tracks chosen from The TenGooz, General Union, The Johnny Bemole’s, Jet Fish, T Bird and the Breaks, ProleteR, Rattlesnake Deer, YP & Pork, Josephine Sillars, Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings, Boogie Belgique, Sugar Lab, NevadaRnd, Gert Breitenkamp, TheHypnotunez, and Fairy Tales in Yoghourt.

the bugcast 319 – Socialising with the competition

This week on The Bugcast: Tech, radio, tablets, and we play 8 cracking tracks of independent and Creative Commons music from Sickbag, Woodnotes, Final Round, Nobody, Leslie DiNicola, Gert Breitenkamp, Soundstatues and Fairy Tales In Yoghourt.