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Vote for us at the European Podcast Awards

Yes, it’s true… we have been nominated for the European Podcast Awards 2011. This is the same award that the grand master of podcasting, Pete Cogle won last year. We are nominated under the Personality category. Please vote for us by clicking on the banner below.

No Bugs, because of bugs

Like the image suggests, there will be no Bugcast this week due to a general feeling of unwellness within the Bugcastle. We’re all feeling extremely crappy, and we wouldn’t be doing you any justice by forcing ourselves to croak out a show. However, rather than leave it until next Friday, we may well push a …

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We are falling, we are falling!

For some reason, our download figures have taken a real nosedive, we’re down by at least 30% on previous weeks.

Live show time is a-changin’

Owing to social lives and increased involvement with our church, the live shows will be moving back by half an hour to 21:30 UK time, from this week.

If you’ve never listened before, here’s why you should

Have you listened to an independent music podcast before? Do you know what you’re missing out on? Read on to find out more.

Show the love for the Ubuntu UK Podcast

The first episode of the fourth season of the Ubuntu UK Podcast will be recorded, and broadcast live, on Tuesday 1 March.

Read on for more info, and their teaser trailer…

Do you like The Bugcast?

Well, do you? Now you can tell your Facebook friends!

We’re now in Ogg Vorbis!

Yes, you heard correctly… The Bugcast is now available in high-quality Ogg Vorbis.

Read on to find out what that means to you…

No Bugcast tonight… the lurgy done got us.

If you listened live during the recording of last week’s Bugcast, you will remember that both Caroline and I had to disappear in a hurry after the recording had finished.  Well, long story short, Caroline and Amy spent most of Friday night/early Saturday morning at the hospital where Amy was diagnosed with croup. Nasty stuff. …

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We need your “Best of 2010”

As mentioned on last week’s show, we need your “Best of 2010”! If there is a particular track or feature that has been particularly memorable for you, we want to know about it so that we can feature it again on episode 142, which will be broadcast live on Friday 7 January 2011, and released …

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